Independent filmmaker, writer and audiovisual artist from Rosario, Argentina. Matías holds his BA in Social Communication from Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR). He has been working as a film professor at Universidad Abierta para Adultos Mayores (UAPAM) delivering cinema courses, art video and experimental film workshops.
He has won awards in poetry and art photography. He writes and directs his own short films and experimental videos which some of them have been selected and screened in different film festivals. 
He has worked in commercials, directing videos and different productions. He is currently directing “Cut Up”, a web series of seven chapters, from which, he has made two: "Inaccessible
(Julien Gracq)" and "Sofia (Jean Arp)"



  • “Cut Up” / Web Series / Script, Direction & Editing / 2014 – Present

  • “Río de lava” (Lava river) / Video clip / Script, Direction & Editing / 2016

  • “Beyond the sun” / Experimental Road Poem / Script, Direction & Editing / 2014 – 2016

  • “El ciervo es un viento oscuro” (Hart is a dark wind) / Experimental Fashion short film / Script, Direction & Editing / 2015

  • “Un demonio azul” (Blue demon) / Experimental short film / Script, Direction & Editing / 2015

  • “Tomy Solidaria” / Advertisement Video / Direction & Editing / 2015 Winner at OBRAR awards, Bs As., Arg (PYME category) & Bronce price at FEPI (Marketing category)

  • “Momento” (Moment) / Short film / Assistant Director / 2013) Best Rosario Film at the FLVR 2015.